Real Men Real Issues (RMRI) follows best friends Matt and Nick, who met as kids in detention at The Tito Puente Education Complex in New York City. Ever since that fateful day, they've been tearing it up from coast to coast... kinda, sort of... not really. Now in their 30s, they're single, living in LA, and still trying to "figure it all out". Idiot savants? Maybe. A really good time? Definitely. Follow these two intrepid trailblazers as they attempt to unravel the mysteries of the modern man.

Created by Matt Ferrucci and Nick Mouyiaris waaayyyy back in 2010. It started out as a single scene they shot on a Tuesday for fun and to make their friends laugh.

Real Men Real Issues Season One was licensed and released online on the Babelgum Comedy Channel.

"It's like Seinfeld, if Jerry and George had balls." - Mapcidy Website of the Week

"Tackles the burning issues that plague the minds of men." - Tubefilter

"A really fun comedy!" - Maybehip.com